I just wanted to keep you in the loop for the 2012 season.

FYI; CBTF has decided to no longer be responsible for the SOCAN fees and registration for each and every club across Canada as its an onerus task. Thus OBTA will not be collecting SOCAN fees or registration on behalf of CBTF. Which means each club will now be responsible for their own SOCAN fees and registration. SOCAN should be contacting club directors directly sometime in the new year. If you are interested in getting a head start, here's their web link http://www.socan.ca

Should you decide not to pay your own SOCAN fees the onus falls on you and your club alone to pay any fines associated with being caught by SOCAN. OBTA/CBTF will no longer take any responsibility in the matter. Hoping this information is well received and that it works out well for most of us this way. Thanks!

Elaina Frank