L2 Coaches Course on Nov 7&8

Please find attached our info on the upcoming L2 coaches course on Nov 7&8.
Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact coachesrep@obta.ca
Kyla Wilson!

Continuing Professional Education and Development (CPED) Program

CBTF CPD Revised December 2014 (1)

CBTF Fall Technical Meeting – Sept 2015

motion presentation for AGM

WBTF Group Event


2015/16 Calendar


Baton Day Clinic     October 17 & 18 2015

CBTF L1 Course     October 24 2015


CBTF L2 Course   Nov 8 2015 (tentative)

Deadline for freestyle/pair music submission:   February 14 2016

Deadline for declarations, changes to membership types(upgrades) team music submission Feb 28 2016


OBTA Rising Stars Day: February 6 2016

Ajax Comets, Individuals: February 27 2016 (still tentative)

Starlight Destiny, Individuals: March 5 2016

Spectrum, all events: April 2 2016

Camaros, all events: April 16 2016

Ontario Provincial Championships Freestyle/Pair/Groups: April 30 2016

Ontario Provincial Championships Individuals: May 1 2016

Pizzazz, all events: May 14, 2016

Canadian Team Trials (Nova Scotia) May 21/22 2016

Starlight Destiny, all events: June 11 2016

Canadian Championships (Edmonton) – July 4-9 2016


SDP Rep Report

2015 sdp report

Past Presidents Report

Past President’s report respectfully submitted by Kim Genton
As the past president for OBTA, I operate the elections each year and take on the role of ceremonies at the Provincial Championships. In addition, I organize and deliver Baton Day to the athletes, coaches and judges in our province.  I always ensure that there is some type of learning for everyone involved in baton in our province.  I’m proud to be part of the baton community in Ontario and try to enthusiastically participate throughout the year.  The last two years I have worked diligently, representing Ontario on the IC volunteer list. I hope Ontario members are as pleased with my contribution as I am in helping.

Judges Rep Report

To the Ontario Membership, I’m sorry I am absent this weekend, I am teaching and working with Maureen Johnson our new Coaches Rep, on CBTF’s year ahead.
I would like to thank the Ontario membership for giving me the opportunity to be the OBTA judges representative. I’m sorry I am leaving after one year, however, I am committed to help whoever takes my position over.  Last year I had the opportunity to work with Jackie Stewart on the Baton Day workshop that Ontario held.  This was very informative and hope that the Ontario judges benefited from this workshop.
Currently CBTF is working on an “updated” version of the M1.  Ron Kopas is working on the revisions and will be presenting them sometime in the New Year.  Hopefully we can offer the M1 in Ontario in the early part of 2016 so that Ontario can encourage some new judges in our province.
CBTF does have a plan to be updating all of their judging modules so that they are current with the additions and changes to our sport. An overall update for Coaches and Judges will be presented at the OBTA Baton Day, and as well by CBTF on October 18th which will be a more in depth look on the judges aspect of things for the 2015-2016 season. It is mandatory for anyone who wishes to apply for Canadians to attend this webinar, or purchases it off the CBTF website. This presentation will be in a webinar format. Please watch the CBTF website over this next week for more information.

My thanks to Jennifer Meron for all of her hard work to make sure that The technical committee in Ontario works together. Wishing everyone in Ontario a great year!

Amy Kalin

Coaches Rep Report

Coaches Rep Report Sept 2015

Registrar Report

Ontario Registrar Report 2015 (1)