Level 1 coaching course

Hi Everyone,

Please find attached the flyer for the Level 1 Coaching Course. I am very excited to be able to provide this course for everyone and hope that we will get many participants.
The course will be taking place January 17th and we are asking to have all forms and payment returned November 30th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: coachesrep@obta.ca

Baton Day – Update!

Coaches and Athletes
For those of you wishing to book private lessons on Baton Day, Sunday November 23rd,  with Jackie Stewart or Sheri Carter, please note I stipulated 60.00 US funds on the brochure that the coaches needed to be paid.  With the exchange fluctuating daily, we have decided to make payment 67.00 dollars  per hour Cdn.  Please just add this amount to your baton day cheque made out to OBTA.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Kim Genton

Declarations for International Cup

REMINDER:  International Cup declarations are due November 15th, 2014.  Please refer to cbtf.ca for more info.

Baton Day Brochure and Registration Form


Fall Technical Meeting minutes

Hi All

Here are the minutes from the CBTF Fall technical meeting.

I think you have already been apprised of the happenings, but these are the “official” minutes.

Let me know if you have any questions at:  technicalchair@obta.ca

***remember please to also watch




for all the info you need!

2014 FTM Minutes Elan – 2014 Tech Chair to WBTF Summer Meeting Report

Coaches Information on Enhancements to Pre Competitive Program

CBTF has made some significant enhancements to our Progressional Model with our coaches, judges and adjudicator’s development top of mind.
It is the CBTF’s philosophy that coaches adopting our Progressional Model as a step by step guideline for their athlete’s development, will find great success in their athlete’s understanding and demonstration of technical excellence and proficiency.
The enhancements to the Progressional Model are listed below. All of these enhancements will be in the pilot testing stage for the competition season 2014-2015. Implementation is expected to take place in the fall of 2015. CBTF technical group strongly recommends the use of this pre competitive program within your teaching syllabus so that our  athletes have a strong and consistent foundation to build upon. Video examples of the routines are available on the CBTF website.
The CBTF technical committee encourages coaches and judges to share their comments regarding the use of the Progressional Model.
Basic March -1
Basic March – 2
Forward March -1
Forward March -2 ( no change from current routine)
Pre Medley -1 (no change from current routine)
Pre medley -2 ( includes pre medley plus 2nd section of medley)
Mini Solo -1
Mini Solo -2
Pre Two Baton -1
Pre Two Baton -2 ( no change from our current routine)
Pre Team Pilot Project is a set routine that uses set music. Piloting of this event will continue for the 2014 – 2015 season, still using the pre group score sheet at competitions. Coaches note that the example of this routine on the CBTF website is done using a large group of athletes. This routine can be modified to accommodate smaller numbers. Contact our CBTF Group Rep for any questions on this routine. grouprep@cbtf.ca
Judges will continue to utilize our current grading standard for each event using our existing score sheets.  For range descriptions on the graded events purchase a Participants M1 manual from the CBTF store. Any questions regarding the judging aspect of any of these events contact judgesrep@cbtf.ca.
Any questions regarding the progressional model contact your CBTF Coaches Representative at coachesrep@cbtf.ca.

OBTA email

OBTA Membership:


The OBTA held their Annual General Membership meeting on Sunday September 15, 2014.  It was well attended and lots of valuable information was distributed.

Please visit our website, OBTA.ca for updates.


Welcome to new board members, see below for email addresses to contact the appropriate board member for any inquiries.


President – LeeAnn Wilson – president@obta.ca

Past President – Kim Genton – pastpresident@obta.ca

1st Vice President – Laura Thomson – 1stvicepresident@obta.ca

2nd Vice President – Leigh-Anne Yawlak – 2ndvicepresident@obta.ca

Treasurer – Tonya Lee – treasurer@obta.ca

Technical Chair – Jen Meron – technicalchair@obta.ca

Secretary – Shasta Taylor – secretary@obta.ca

Judges Rep – Amy Genton – judgesrep@obta.ca

Coaches Rep – Kyla Wilson – coachesrep@obta.ca

Athletes Rep – Alyssa Weatherbee – athletesrep@obta.ca

Group Rep – Stormi Dixon – grouprep@obta.ca

SDP Rep – Stephanie Hewis – sdprep@obta.ca

Sanction Officer – Kim Nicholson-Aquanno – sanctionofficer@obta.ca

Membership Registrar – Lisa Ross – membership@obta.ca

Online Newsletter/Website Editor – Sheryl Baraniuk – newsletter@obta.ca




A reminder memberships were emailed out to all club directors last week.

The OBTA requires all memberships submitted to OBTA Membership Chairperson Lisa Ross byOct 15


Send to:

Lisa Ross Membership Registrar

7208 Concession One RR2

Puslich, ON

N0B 2J0


Mark Nov 22 on your calendars as you won’t want to miss OBTA Baton Days!


LeeAnn Wilson




Attention all OBTA Technical members.

Attached please find both the technical proposals (passed) and additional notes from the meeting.

If you have any questions please contact me, or your coaches, judges, group, athletes rep respectively.

Canada First….Progressional Development….all aboard the Quest for Success train!!

Jen Meron
905 727-7586


2014 ftm recap sent to Ontario members

2014/15 Ontario Schedule_Updated Sept 18

November 22:   OBTA Baton Day


February 28: Tornados


April 11:    Spectrum North


April 19:  Ajax Comets


April 25:    Camaros

Clarington Central High School


May 9: Pizzazz


May 16, 17 &18:  IC Qualifier

Winnipeg, MB


May 23 & 24:    Ontario Provincial Championships

Durham College


June 6: Silver Bean, Chicago


June 27-July 2: Canadian Championships

Durham College


July 3: Camp Muskoka


August 5-9: IC and August 10-11 Grand Prix

Abbotsford, BC

Contacts Regarding Events:

Pizzazz: Kim Genton kimgenton@gmail.com

Spectrum: Jen Meron   j.meron@rogers.com

Camaros: LeeAnn Wilson   law660@rogers.com

Comets:   Tonya Lee   cometsbaton@hotmail.com

Ontario Schedule ’15_as of Sept 29

Updated OBTA membership form

OBTA-Membership-Form September 2014