Pizzazz Springfest

2015 pizzazz springfest brochure

Pizzazz Springfest

2015 pizzazz springfest brochure

Cosmic Event

Cosmic Event 9 Cosmic Event 9

A Time to Celebrate brochure

FINAL 2015 Brochure

Declarations, upgrades, music, etc. email

Good Morning fellow club directors.
I wanted to remind you that Feb 28 is the final day to submit declarations for your teams.
They are to be sent to Stormi, our Group rep at:
I also just wanted to remind you that Feb 28 is also the working deadline to submit membership status changes to Lisa Ross, our Membership Chair.
Many of us are unsure in September as to where our athletes are going to land, eg..sometimes we think a kid might be precompetitive, but we wind up having them do a solo.   Or a retired coach winds up being that last member of your team…all kinds of reasons.
I urge you to carefully examine your membership lists as sent to you recently, and make sure that every member is registered correctly in regard to what they are going to be doing this year.
These changes are done on a Data Change Form 102…if you need one, email Lisa
Next:  how’s that music coming?!    Remember that like last year, all competition music – all groups, freestyles, pairs, etc, are to be submitted by email to me by March 13th.   Music must be emailed, correctly labelled in ONLY MP3 or MP4 format.   I can accept it on a usb stick, but I can not accept a CD (old technology, new computers don’t even have cd drives)  I realize that emailing music can be a job, but I think we would agree it more than makes up for it by the convenience of never having to worry about bringing music to a competition.
Coaches in practice gyms:   a reminder that in order for a coach to be in the practice gym at competitions they must be both certified and REGISTERED L1.  Coaching badges will be distributed at or prior to our first competition.   This would also be a good time to remind everyone that the practice gym policy is that only “still to compete” athletes and L 1 or higher coaches are allowed in the practice gym….no adults without coaching badges, no babies or children.  This is not just some silly rule, it is a risk management issue and is the protocol established by CBTF and we will be following it.  Just because so far a baby or small child has never been clocked on the head by a baton is no reason to think it can’t/won’t happen…imagine how we would all feel?
In closing, hope by now you are all on the facebook club directors page, and for some of you the coaches and judges facebook pages.   These are not the go-to source for official info, but they are certainly a great place for discussion, asking questions, and quick reminders that will be appreciated by you.   Also goes without saying that the website is a must for info, as is the site.
Hope all is going well with your clubs as you gear up for the competition season.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me, or your specific rep:  Kyla for coaches, Amy for judges, Stormi for Groups

Silver Bean Competition

2015 silver bean brochure final

Spirit of Spectrum Brochure

2015 spirit of spectrum brochure

2015 spirit of spectrum brochure


I hope everyone had a great New Years!!
Competition Season is around the corner so we need to get organized.
** I would like all group declarations to be submitted to me via email by Sat Feb 28 2015.
-Pre-groups do not need to declared.
I’ve included the link for forms & tips

Please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask & I will do my best to answer you promptly.


Stormi Dixon

OBTA Group Rep

Provincials Brochure

2015 provincial brochure

2015 provincial brochure

Casting for an advanced Baton twirler for a PAID commercial

We are currently working on a commercial for a tax preparation company and looking for baton twirlers! We are looking for female advanced baton twirlers who have video footage of themselves performing. Ideally we would like anyone who is interested to be 18+ however please do not limit (especially if you know any fabulous champions!)

**This commercial pays $1,200 per individual if selected

I have attached our casting notice to this email or you can click on the link below to read all the details:

We realize that this may not apply to you specifically but if you are able to share with anyone else you think would be interested we would be very appreciative! Sharing on social media such as Facebook or Twitter is always very helpful.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your participation and assistance.

Best Regards,

Caitlin Rosenbaum
Casting Assistant
416.360.0336 ext.230


Project Tax Notice